About Me

I'm Maddie, I'm 27 and come from Sheffield in the UK, which makes me a Northern girl and gravy lover by default. At the start of 2012 I quit my job to teach English in Korea and so the adventures began.

While I was living in the land of kimchi and PsY I fell in love with everything cute and Korean, and I also met Nick, who I think is a bit of alright too! A year and a half later we started our own, new adventure together. We ditched the chopsticks and soju for alpacas, good wine and steak. Starting in Argentina we explored South America for 6 months.

Here you'll find little snapshots of our travels, little bits of happiness and how someone who really doesn't know how to travel lightly copes with one bag of belongings for half a year.

I love my friends and family that are back home, reading, roller derby, drinking tea, Sheffield, writing, trying to take photos with my camera and have a terrible soft spot for sweet things.

Want to know more? Here are some of my most popular posts:

Talk Derby to Me is about my love for the sport Roller Derby.
Some of the things i've been upto while living in Korea include visiting North Korea via the DMZ line,  diving into the freezing cold sea in the middle of January and scaring lots of Koreans by dressing up for Halloween.
I've climbed mountains and cried about it, and fallen in love with Sonny Angel Dolls.
Here are some things i miss about the UK, and a few things I love about Korea.

Alternatively, email me at: headhigheartstrong at gmail dot com