Wednesday, 19 November 2014

These Grey Days: Firmoo Glasses Review


Now that the nights are getting longer and the weather outside is drizzly, it's a lot easier to stay indoors and get my work done.

Saturday and Sunday were both spent with noses in books, comfy jumpers on and the radio crooning in the background. Nick had no excuses not to get on with his course, thanks to his new pair of glasses.

My friends at Firmoo sent him a lovely pair of new glasses. I've previously used their service, check out the review of it here. So this time I knew what to expect in regards to the quality of the product and the speediness of the delivery, even though they have a long way to come, all the way from across the pond. Never fear, they do have a UK site with lots of great glasses at prices so cheap that you'll want to check your eye sight again.

Having a new pair of specs has opened Nick's eyes to lots of new things, he's started taking driving classes (again) and can watch films with subtitles, we watched The Lives of Others the other day, which was really great.

The glasses themselves are very simple but stylish. Nick went for an understated brown frame with a small symbol on the side. They came in the antique map style glasses box that I love, and the additional benefit of the tiny screw driver.

Again, the service we received was really great. Firmoo make it really easy to browse, enter your prescription details and order.

Let's hope that he doesn't sit on, stand on, leave them behind or let some back street Korean Optician fiddle with them!

Thanks Firmoo!
Nick firmoo glasses
Nick firmoo glasses
Nick firmoo glasses
I was asked by Firmoo to review their service and products in return for a pair of new glasses. As I was in the market for some, I jumped at the chance and put their business under the magnifying glass.

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