Monday, 29 September 2014

Weekend: Louise Does Norwich

This weekend I was super excited because Louise was coming to visit me from Sheffield. Unfortunately it took her 5 and a half hours to arrive, so she didn't get here until late, but it gave us a bit of extra time to prepare. Nick used his ingenuity to blow up the air bed. It also gave me a chance to try my hand at jam making, Nick had gone and picked some blackberries on his lunch break. Unfortunately I misread the recipe and there was no undoing it after that!

When she arrived we got some dinner and played a couple of card games into the early hours.

We were up bright and early for a bike ride on Saturday morning. We went down the river to the cathedral and home again. It was one of her first times riding a bike on a road, which was quite scary at times.

We spent the afternoon in the centre, first we ate at the Ten Bells, which was delicious, then we went shopping for a dress for Harjit's wedding in November. I'm finding it particularly hard to find a suitable dress, it has to be long and colourful, but I'm also trying to find something that I will wear again! After 9 dresses I gave up and we went home for a nap.

Saturday night I went to collect the Coppards who were in town because they had been playing roller derby here. Nick cooked us chicken and chorizo fajitas and we chatted until 3 in the morning, meaning that we missed the chance to go to a few bars in the town. Ooops.

Sunday morning we got up and went for breakfast at a cafe called The Muddy Cup. It was the perfect end to Lou's visit and the food was really tasty. I particularly enjoyed the raspberry smoothie. Yum!

Then i was like Cinderella, cleaning the house from top to bottom seeing as I have had absolutely no time this week. Phew!
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