Thursday, 11 September 2014

I'm Back...For A While


Here are some pictures of our first few weeks together in Norwich!

Well I am back on here, which can only mean that we finally have internet. Nick set it up while I was at work today, positives to him not having a job at the moment is that he is getting all the little jobs around the house done that I would normally put off!

Things that have changed since I've been gone:

I tried to take up crochet but failed as my tea cosy started to look like a worm, will have to try harder with that...

It got cold outside and leaves started falling off trees and it started getting dark at an unreasonable time, can only mean that Winter is Coming!

I got accepted onto a course at Sheffield Uni to study a Postgraduate module in Spoken and Written Language, which means that in a couple of weeks I'll have the internet, but I won't have the time to post on here, or do anything that would be worth posting on here!

Finally, it's only a couple of days until I am off on a mini holiday to Spain to see my Aunt who lives there...lucky girl!

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