Saturday, 30 August 2014

Where have you been?

Nick moving into our house
The last time I posted was over two weeks ago...very sorry about that!

The reason why I've not been checking in isn't just because I've been busy, but also that the internet has been cut off at the house. Until our new provider has the time to come and reconnect us we are an internet free house

It isn't even half as awful as I expected though! For starters, to do this catch up meant that I had to come in and sign up at the library, which is a pretty impressive place in Norwich, but also it has meant lots of time for cooking, and talking and other entertainment.

The last two weeks started with our landlady moving out, and my new housemates, Nick and his big sister, Kelly, moving in, which was kind of hectic. This was followed by mine and Nick's two year anniversary celebrations and the bank holiday weekend. We packed in a Thai meal, and a visit to the seaside.

Back to work on Tuesday, but this time my working week was a little different as I had my first shift booked to work on the ward. It was really busy and a little scary, but I got through it! There have been a few hiccups with my uniform, so I've decided not to go back on the ward until this has arrived.

I hope the last fortnight has been as exciting for everyone else!

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