Thursday, 14 August 2014

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

New bike!

Living in one of the flattest parts of England at the moment, and being without a car, made me decide to invest in a bike to get me around my new city.

On Saturday I spent lots of time talking to local bike shops about what I wanted and what to look out for, so when the rain started pouring down on Sunday, I decided to take the time to browse the net and have a little look what was on offer.

My dream bike would have been the Pashley Princess, but it was way out of my budget, especially when I haven't really gauged how often I will use my bike yet. So the other two options I decided to look at were the Dawes Duchess and the Probike Vintage.

I had a couple of near misses on Sunday. A Pashley Princess came up on Freecycle, but unsurprisingly was snapped up within minutes of being offered, and a Dawes and Probike that I enquired about on Gumtree were both already being viewed.

It was a complete surprise, when the seller of the Probike gave me a call and said that the first buyer had dropped out, and that he would meet me after work on the Monday with it, meaning I didn't have to do the 25 mile journey by bus to go and see it. Perfect! It wasn't the model I wanted, it was the City Discovery rather than the vintage, but as soon as I saw it on Monday night, I loved it and snapped it up for a bargain.

I've only had the chance to cycle it twice since then, and that's been to the gym in the pouring rain, but looking forward to exploring Norwich a bit more on two wheels.

On another bicycle themed note, my friend Joe from Sheffield is currently pedalling hard on a bike, cycling from Sheffield to Singapore to raise money for a charity for refugees in our area. I can't even imagine the strength and stamina that must call for! He definitely wouldn't make it on my bike. So if you haven't done your good deed of the day yet, then I definitely think that you should sponsor him whatever you can spare!

To sponsor him, or find out more about his journey, visit his page here!

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