Friday, 1 August 2014

Goodbye July!

July came and went, and lots happened in the middle. I can't help but notice it's the first time I've done a monthly round up since November 2013, the month that I left Korea, and the month I gave the blog a make over. So much has happened since then, and my time in Korea doesn't feel real anymore!
Home time
I think the biggest thing that happened this month was moving to Norwich and starting my new job. I tried to ease myself into the new city by visiting Katie and spending some time with Tash down there.
Sansepolcro 2014
Next was the week holiday in Italy at Nick's parents' house. The views were amazing and the food was so good. A little bit too much wine was consumed though!
I shared a few more of our experiences travelling in Peru to Lima, Huanchaco and Huaraz. It didn't all go smoothly but each place was memorable in its own way.
travel collage
I also shared my updated packing list for 6 months away, is there anything else you would have to add?

As I knew I was moving away this week, I tried to spend some time in Sheffield, I shared the weekend that Lou and I went for some drinks and then I went to an amazing book shop with my mum.
I also had a great time at this year's Tramlines festival, and shared some photos from the last time I went in 2011. Baby faces galore!
Catching up with old friends is always fun, and I had a weekend packed with rollergirls and uni friends.
Forget moving to Norwich, it's still a shock to find that I'm back in England sometimes. I started a silly, little mini feature about perfectly normal things I've learned to appreciate since I've been back. Being back in England also called for some new goals, see how I got on with my list here 3, 2, 1.
Yorkshire Wildlife Park
With all this rushing around this month, it was nice to spend some time with my mum at the Yorkshire Wildlife park where the cheeky limas made me fall in love with them.
Laduree Sonny Angel 2
And finally, sharing things I love, the new Sonny Angel range was brought out, they all look so tasty!!

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