Monday, 21 July 2014

Weekend: Sheffield

With my time in Sheffield coming to an end before I feel like it's even started, I've tried to fit lots in this weekend. I am working for the next 4 days, then have Friday off to prepare for the big move down to Norwich next Monday, then starting work at my new job on Tuesday!

It's all go at the moment as Nick has managed to get himself a job as a teacher at a summer school for foreign students. It sounds perfect for him as he is teaching older children, it lasts for 5 weeks, right up until we officially should have moved to Norwich, and hopefully will put a few pennies in his pockets.

My weekend started when I switched off my computer after what felt like forever on Friday evening at 5pm. I headed into town to start browsing for a dress to wear to my old housemate, Harjit's wedding. Sadly I didn't find anything so I decided to leave it for another day and went to meet Louise for a few drinks.

We met at Caffe Leopold on Leopold Street for some sparkly prosecco. I don't really know what's happened since I got home but the world seems prosecco mad at the moment. I'm not going to complain though as the one we had in the bar was incredibly delicious.

Following that we went to the Bamboo Door tiki bar that Fury, James and Sheena introduced me to last time I was out with them and we had a lovely mango cocktail. It was really refreshing and perfect to drink while sitting outside enjoying the evening sun.

We went to our old haunts back when we used to work together and went to Walkabout and the Common Room and finished off our night with a Desperadoes. Louise had to dash off but I had enough time before my last bus to meet the lovely Caroline and Irene for one.

I collapsed into bed at about 12:30 after a very busy first week working. 4 days left until I leave again!

On Saturday I spent the day sorting out my wardrobe. I gave a whole bundle to charity, some had to be thrown away and the rest I put on a website that I'm going to talk about later in the week!

That evening I went for a meal with my dad, my step-mum, my grandad and my sister to a restaurant just across the road. The food was delicious and I finished all of my lemon merangue pie! Poor Millie has had a bit of a traumatic week after her pug, Patrick, was hit by a car. Luckily he survived with just a few cuts and bruises and hopefully he will be back to his usual mischievous self soon.
Sunday morning I was up early again to meet my mum for a day trip out to the Derbyshire Dales. It was not too far from where we took Nick, but this time we went to Matlock and Cromford to have a wander around the shops and we spent hours in a little book shop that I'm sure I'll be visiting again as soon as I'm back in Sheffield!
Sunday evening was spent doing a little more of my British Sign Language Course, cooking a favourite recipe of mine and planning for the busy week ahead!
Fish poe
I hope your weekend was as fun packed as mine.

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