Friday, 4 July 2014

Back in England Goals Update 2/5

goals 5

I don’t know how I managed to keep this all to myself until now, but I have the biggest goal to check off on my list today!

Yup, I got a job! Hurray!

I’m going to be working as a bank Health Care Assistant for the NHS in Norwich from August. This means I’ll be working in all the wards in Norwich Hospital, helping out the nurses and making sure everyone is well taken care of.

This also means that I have to move away from Sheffield and down to Norwich for a while. Nick and I went to Norwich last week to have a look around, suss out the areas and catch up with a few mutual friends there.

I am so ready to go back to work and face the challenges that come with it.

This is a tiny baby step in the direction of where I want to be. I know it’s going to take a long time, but it’s better to do it right!! I don’t want to share too much as I am a strong believer in tempting fate, and don’t want to do that now!

Because I am in Italy at the moment, the others are being put on hold. But I have until August to achieve the wardrobe and room one thanks to moving to Norwich, and the nurse uniform is enough incentive to get serious about the exercise!

Hope you have something to celebrate this weekend!
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