Thursday, 24 July 2014

Back in England Goals 3/5 and my new obsession

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I finally tackled the mammoth task of clearing out my wardrobe this weekend. It was long over due! I've half heartedly been doing it for a while, throwing out a top here, donating a pair of shoes there, but soon I'm going to have to be sharing a wardrobe with Nick, so it only seemed fair that I reduced the amount of clothes I had. Despite him having only a few pieces of clothing, I still need to give him some wardrobe space!

It was helped by the fact that Katie and Becky have introduced me to a website I haven't tried before, Vinted. On the site you upload the clothes you don't want anymore, and can decide if you want to sell them or swap them for something else another user has. It's a really good place to encourage you to recycle clothes rather than buy brand new things all the time.

There's been a lot of bad press recently around the conditions of the people who make our clothes in other countries. It really has made me try and be a bit more conscious about the quantity of clothes I have and how much I really need. Does anyone else feel the same?

If you're interested in what I have to offer, check out my Vinted profile here!

So there's one more heart achieved on my list, two more to go. 4 days until I leave Sheffield...I wonder if I can achieve the others before I go? I have my doubts!

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