Monday, 23 June 2014

Weekend in Photos, hikes, picnics and world cups

Yay! Nick arrived in Sheffield on Thursday, so I showed him the delights of Sheffield town centre. We watched the world go by while enjoying a drink in the Forum. Afterwards, we headed back to my dad's house to watch the World Cup game and sadly England didn't win.
Nick does Sheffield
Not allowing the football results to ruin our weekend, and as the sun was shining my mum and I decided to take Nick for a walk in the Derbyshire Dales. It's a really beautiful drive out of Sheffield with some amazing pubs along the way.

Using this cute little book my mum has which recommends walks and tearooms on the way, we planned to go to Monsal Head. We parked up the car there and took a 3 mile route into the valley, across the river and back up the hill.
Monsal Head Valley

Monsal Dale Directions
Buttercup Field

We ended our afternoon sitting in the garden of The Packhorse Inn and eating some delicious food. The best thing about it was drinking cider with the sun shining down on us.

I was excited to get home though as I had baked a belated birthday cake for him. It was a chocolate and peanut butter cake stuffed with peanut M&Ms, maybe if I get the chance I will share the recipe with everyone here. it was really fun to make and even more exciting to see his reaction as he cut into it! hope that you love my infantile cake decorating!
Peanut Butter, Chocolate and M&M birthday cake
Saturday, we were still blessed with nice weather, and as I had treated myself to a skirt perfect for picnics. It seemed wrong not to make some sandwiches and go through the old village and sit by the brook wearing my skirt.

In the evening we met up with Caroline and Ari for some Chinese food and spent the night chatting over the loud music in The Cremone on London Road.

Sunday was sunny yet again, we went to see my dad as he had had a minor operation on Friday. We spent some time in the garden before having dinner and some drinks with everyone last night.

Phew! Now today Nick and I are all about getting everything in order for the next few days as we are going to Norwich. Looking forward to meeting up with some friends from Korea and exploring a new city.

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