Sunday, 29 June 2014

Trash, Treat or Stash: Firmoo Eyewear edition

Here is a special edition of Trash, Treat or Stash, my review series. I was asked by Firmoo to review their service and products in return for a pair of new glasses. As I was in the market for some, I jumped at the chance and put their business under the magnifying glass. Here's how they did!
I misplaced my glasses when we were in Argentina. This meant many hours squinting while trying to read my book, I knew it must be bad when Nick stopped asking me to read the signs in the distance as I couldn’t read them until my nose was virtually touching them. And he always used to be the blind one between us.

So when I got home I was faced with the task of finding a replacement pair.That was why I was so curious when Firmoo asked if I would be interested in writing a review of their services.

I had been reading a few articles recently pointing out that online shops like Firmoo are able to offer a much better deal on frames and lenses than those on the high street. Yet I had avoided using the online shops as I like try on the frames to see if they’ll actually suit me.

Choice: Using Firmoo's website turned out to unexpectedly simple. It took me a long time to look through their online catalogue as there was so much choice. They have so many styles and a wide variety of colours.
Ordering: When I'd decided on the pair that I wanted it was time to start ordering. The order form was clear, easy to complete and had lots of information for the tricky little bits like filling in your prescription details and sizing.
Waiting: I remember laying on the grass having a picnic when I received a text to say a parcel was on its way. I was a little confused as I wasn’t expecting my glasses to arrive so quickly, but the next day, there they were waiting for me.
Prettiness: First impressions were great. I loved the old map case that the glasses came in and a tiny screwdriver on a key ring so if I ever have any spectacle SOS moments I should be able to fix them straight away. As soon as I opened the case I knew I’d made the right choice. I picked these tortoise shell frames as I loved the shape and wanted to try something different other than the thick black ones I'd had in the past.
Usability: Well, I'm not squinting at the screen as I write this which is always a good sign. I spent yesterday afternoon recovering after a busy weekend, curled up on the sofa reading a new book with my new glasses and I fell even more in love with them! The only negative comment I would say is that I find the lenses difficult to keep clean and find that they keep steaming up!

Overall: All in all I had a really positive experience shopping with Firmoo, I loved their range, found the service was simple and quick, and all of the frames are at an amazing price. My hang ups about ordering online rather than going to the shop is that you don't actually get to try on the glasses before you buy them. I got around this by using their online visualiser tool which lets you upload a photo of yourself and then dress yourself up in the glasses. I also went into another opticians to try on a few styles that were similar so I was pretty clear in my mind that they would be right for me.

If you want to check out their service, Firmoo offer a 'First Pair Free' program, so why not try it out here?

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