Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Back For Good

Well the sun is shining, and then it's raining, and then it's shining again, and then it's thundery, which can only mean I'm back in England in the summer time!

We had a safe flight back from Mexico and landed on Thursday morning. Still not quite got used to being able to throw toilet roll down the toilet and not in a bin, or bring able to communicate anything I want to anyone without tripping over another language.

It does mean however that our travels are over for now. I've packed away the plugs and the travel hairdryer and don't know when I'll be seeing them again! Eeeek!

So far, I've had a lovely time at home. I spent a few days in Nick's home town, Southend-On-Sea. We celebrated his sister's birthday by eating all the food we'd missed. We took a couple of walks along the sea front with the neighbour's dog, and we had a nice meal when my dad came to pick me up.
Under the Boardwalk
Delicious Carrot Cake
Old Leigh
Home has been a busy mish mash of seeing people, I had a night out on Saturday in Sheffield. I've eaten roast dinners and even been lucky enough to have a tea party thrown for me by my mum.
tea party merangue
tea party1
Yesterday Tasha came to Sheffield and we spent the day looking around the shops, I'm not used to seeing so many clothes that would actually fit me! Then we went to meet Preeya, Liz, Laura and Sarah for some food at the lovely Thyme Cafe in Broomhill. <3 Thyme Cafe dinner
Thyme Cafe dinner
Thyme Cafe dinner
Thyme Cafe dinner
Phew! Now I intend to spend today sorting out all the clothes that I forgot I own, doing some blog planning and generally trying to get things in order.

I'll be back in a day or two!

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