Sunday, 18 May 2014

So Long Bolivia!

Bolivia was definitely one of my favourite countries that we visited on our trip. From the weird prison in La Paz, to the people and the food.

Here are some of my favourite things about Bolivia...

The amazing landscapes
1st day of Uyuni Salt Flat Tour
2nd day of Uyuni Salt Flats
4th day of the Uyuni Salt Flats

The People
2nd day of Uyuni Salt Flats tour
Chulitas, the name for the women in traditional clothing. Pretty sassy ladies. They are not scared of a bit of hard work. We often saw them carrying a baby on their back, a sack of potatoes in their hand and a llama in the other. Up hill. The one who accompanied us on our trip definitely wasn't scared of helping to get out jeep out of the mud.

The round chubby cheek, a sure sign that someone is chewing coca leaves. The black tooth smile of someone chewing coca leaves.

How passionate the people were. They aren't a nation to be pushed around. Our tour guide in La Paz would shout 'HANG HIM!' When she spoke about historical figures who had wronged Bolivia. The women of Bolivia also kicked off so much when the president decided to fine all women over 18 who hadn't had a baby that he quickly revoked it.

Accomodation and bathrooms

The fact that double rooms are so cheap.

Want to flush the toilet? You need to walk over to the water tank, take a jug of water and throw it down the loo!

The market food. Papas Rellenas, and rainbow jelly, fruit salads!

All the carbs on one plate.

While we're on food, the set lunch menus. A 3 course meal with a drink for less than $1.50.

Drinks in little plastic bags with a straw poking out, coffee, juice whatever!

Things I won't get used to in Bolivia...
2nd day of Uyuni Salt Flats
Carnaval! The fun and games, water balloons, water guns and the ink Nick still hasn't got out of his t shirt.

Llamas everywhere!

Getting Around
La Paz
Getting around in trufis, super cheap mini buses that take a certain route from A to B. You can stop them wherever on that route to hop on and off. You often find yourself packed in with lots of locals, along with their chickens, and they aren't afraid of having a good gawk at you.

Taxis always having fancy religious trinkets hanging from their rear view mirrors.

Normal cars that have a 'Taxi' sticker in their window.

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