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Travelling Beauty Products Trash, Treat or Stash : Lush Godiva ShampooBar

I started Trash, Treat or Stash to review the Korean make-up products I thought were better off in the bin, the ones to treat yourself to every now and again, and the ones that were so good that you should definitely stash them. I ended the Korean edition when I left Korea, but there have been a few things I´ve used on my trip around south America I think a travelling edition is definitely in order.

Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar

Trying to keep my luggage to a minimum, and trying to travel with just hand luggage,(Which I failed at miserably) Lush´s shampoo and conditioner bars seemed like the perfect solution. They smelled amazing, were all natural and very compact. I´ve loved every Lush product I´ve had in the past, so I decided to buy a bar of Godiva, which is a shampoo and conditioner rolled into one.

Cost: I spent over £6 on a 55g bar, and another £2.50 for the tin. A bit of a luxury buy, but I was told that it would last a lot longer than a bottle of shampoo which you can get for less than half the price.
Prettiness: Godiva smells amazing, which was what tipped me over the edge of buying this. It left my hair smelling amazing too. And the tub made it really easy to pack, and took up a lot less room than a bottle of shampoo.
Usability: I found this pretty hard to use, first I ran it over my hair which just made it feel like I was tearing out my hair. I then resorted to trying to build up the bubbles in my hand before working it into my hair. I do have really dry hair, but this left my hair feeling greasy a lot of the time.

Overall: I think you can tell from my comments, I am not a big fan of this product. It cost a little too much, was difficult to use and made it look like I´d washed my hair in a chip pan. To top it all off, within two weeks it had melted into a gross, sick looking mush in the pot which then leaked into our toiletary bag. Not sure if the 40 degree weather in Buenos Aires is to blame, but I think I will stick to liquid shampoo in bottles from now on.

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