Monday, 2 December 2013

Weekend: ENGLAND!

I can't believe it's already the 2nd of December! That means my Monday morning started with 2 pieces of my advent calendar chocolate bar! Small things!
Advent Calendar
I have to say that my first weekend in England feels more like a week, just because I managed to get so much done. I'm all cobwebby and dusty at the moment as I've spent today running up and down into the attic, trying to clear out some of my things! I feel insanely energised after going to bed really early last night after a long weekend! But this pile that I need to sort out makes me kind of feel exhausted!
Packing Mess
On Friday I was still really tired from the flight, so I just ran some errands and called around to sort things out. I had breakfast with my Grandad, it was really nice to see him after so long. I think he's had a tough time these last few months but he doesn't tell me while I'm away, I guess so as not to worry me. But he did seem cheerful, which was good.

Then, in the afternoon I went to get my hair cut. It's been 9 long months since my last hair cut so it was desperate for it. Especially because of my over heating hair straightener incident, and the fact I still pick my split ends, a lot!

Friday night I went to my mum's house and we had some chinese food and went for a wander around Tesco. I know it's sad, but I really miss English supermarkets! I really miss knowing what everything is and seeing what I can do with things. It's really hard to cook in Korea when you can't read the instructions!

On Saturday, my mum and I headed into Sheffield early. We had a wander around the Christmas Market and I treated myself to a few goodies from Lush, I'll share more with you tomorrow. It's so nice to feel so Christmassy, although I'm trying not to catch the Christmas bug as we won't be at home, we'll be in Argentina by then!
Sheffield Winter Gardens
Sheffield Winter Gardens
Sheffield Winter Gardens
Sheffield Winter Gardens
Sheffield Winter Gardens
Lizzie, my friend from uni, joined us at 1 and we grabbed some lunch at the Showroom Cinema before going to watch the Roller Derby. I was sad that my old team, Sheffield, lost, but it was fun to watch. Especially as the new rules mean that the whole game has changed since I last played in the UK. It looks like it's much harder work to be a jammer now. But check out how amazing Kandy's leggings are! I love her derby wardrobe!
Pepper, Kandy and i
Following that, Lizzie and I went home and met up with stacey and Lucy, we all got ready and then went for some food at Nandos before going out for some cocktails. Knowing me all too well, Lizzie bought me some Amaretto with a Moschino designed bottle. It was lovely to see them, especially drinking tasty drinks and listening to great music! I did feel old though!
Moschino Amaretto
On Sunday morning the girls headed off, so my Dad and I went to check out some of the gear I'm going to need for my South America trip, then went to check in on Millie as she was moving house. It feels weird that my not-so-little sister is growing up so fast! In some ways it feels like nothing has changed since I've been gone, and in others, it feels like so much has changed!

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