Tuesday, 3 December 2013


November was a big month for me as it was the month that I finally left Korea for good! It was incredibly busy and hectic and stressful, but fun and happy at the same time. It was also a big month for the blog as it was the month I gave it a well deserved make over. I got a lot done in these short 30 days, but it does feel like it lasted forever!
So here is the before and after pics of the blog change. What do you think? I also did my first guest post over on Tiara's blog, and I held my second Korean giveaway, which the lucky Shanice won. The Korean goodies are on their way to her right now!
6th grade party
I said my final goodbyes to everyone who made my time in Korea so memorable. The students included, even though they do compare my lovely yellow dress to a bad banana!
Our last weekend in Korea meant that we got the chance to couple, the Korean phenomenon of couples wearing the same clothes! The boys took to it more than we expected!
Hello Bunny
I finished the Trash, Treat or Stash feature for the moment. At the start of the month I reviewed Tony moly's Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream and Etude House's Minnie Kissing lips Lipstick. For the last one I picked the overall winners of each category.
Bulguksa Temple
I shared some random facts that I found interesting about South Korea.
Room Tour
I gave a home tour of my Korean apartment. It's so tiny compared to my house in England! I bet it looks completely different now all of my stuff has gone.
In My Travel Bag
I showed you all of the things I like to have handy on a long flight! Perhaps the colouring book isn't necessary...
We had an Autumnal themed pot luck, where me and Nick got so engrossed in trying all the other dishes that we burnt our own...oops!
My ideal library
I let everyone take a peep at my virtual book shelf! Is there anything there that you feel completely the opposite about? on the theme of books, I also visited Busan's Bosu Book Alley with all its bookish charm.
Promise Lock
Nick and I had our final date night in Korea and went to all our favourite places, including the makeolli hut and Nampo tower.
Korean Coat Collage
I continued the hunt for my travel items by drooling over impractical coats. I have just bought my coat, and it is far from what I pictured in my head.
Busan Roller Derby Practise
Last but not least, the momentum for the Busan Roller Derby team grew with a good practise in Igidae, and I watched Michelle Steilen in awe in this video. Wow!!!

Well I hope that your November was lots of fun! I have 13 days until I'm due to fly to Argentina. So much to do! Eeeek!

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