Friday, 20 December 2013

Hola Buenos Aires!

We made it! After 20 hours of flights, a 3 hour slog on the M25 to Heathrow and just enough time to grab some ribs and get grotty with each other in Texas we're here! Showers and clean beds never feel as amazing as they do after travelling for hours!

The apartment we're staying in is breath taking. From the street it just looks like a huge wooden door in the road, but inside are big hallways with black and white chequered floors and open air squares filled with plants. The ceilings are as high as the rooms are wide so it's nice and spacious and the couple who live there are amazing!
On our first night we went to a small cafe called La Poesia that looked like it was right out of Amelie. There was a big piano and a lady playing the accordion. We ate steak and drank red wine before wandering the streets of San Telmo and people watching in the Plaza De Mayo. I love crossing off all the cliches of a country!

We celebrated my birthday on Wednesday, we spent the day in the City Museum where a friendly old man let me practise my Spanish on him. Then, we did a tour of Manzana de los Luces which is a block of buildings that's supported culture in the city throughout its history. It also has a network of tunnels underneath which connect lots of the city's big attractions. I have to say that the highlight of the tour was a siamese cat that usedd the tour as an excuse to get lots of attention.
It was supposed to be very stormy in Buenos Aires yesterday, and the dark sky only added to the city!

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