Monday, 4 November 2013

Our Weekend: Glowsticks and roller derby

This weekend was the busy doing nothing kind of weekend. Which was great! I started by giving the blog a much needed, good old Spring clean on Friday night. This was followed by a good Spruce up of my room. (I'm going to share pictures later this week of my a typical apartment in Korea).

After treating myself to some amazing banana, nutella and chopped nut pancakes, I had my Spanish class on Skype, then dashed to roller derby.
It's really great having a group of girls in the same city that share the same interest as me. It was lots of fun skating with some new people, and it was a fairly relaxed practise as we don't yet have enough skates for everyone so we have to share. Which meant i got to laze about in the sun and take some pictures. If anyone reading this in Busan is interested in giving derby a go, then go to the ROKD facebook page to find out information about our practise times. Everyone is welcome!
Busan Roller Derby Practise
Busan Roller Derby Practise

Saturday night we had our final 'girl's night' before I leave. We went all out and wore glowsticks and danced to some 90s cheese before we headed out.

Glow Sticks

Sunday Nick and I got lost in a string of Vice documentaries on Youtube, then went to KSU for some board game fun and dinner with Alex, Katie, Ruth and Tom. I wore my new roller derby t-shirt too. What do you think of the team name? For those not in Korea. Daegu is a Korean city about an hour from Busan. I love the name Daegoonies! Not only does it remind me of one of my favourite films when I was growing up, but it reminds me of my favourite band in my uni days, Set Your Goals. Did anyone else used to like them?

Book Shelf
Daegoonies Tshirt

I fell asleep last night watching Anchor Man. i can't wait for the next one to come out, it feels like i've been waiting forever!!

Along with the visual changes here this weekend, I am hoping to make a few changes to the content in the next few weeks, I hope that you like it!

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