Monday, 11 November 2013

Our Weekend: Autumn Feasts

This weekend was filled with good food, good company and good wine. The best kind of weekend!

On Saturday night, Katie and Alex hosted an Autumnal themed pot luck night. There was 11 of us who all dabbled with our culinary skills. Sadly, Nick and I got carried away with tasting everyone else's amazing dishes, forgot that our big pot of chicken and bacon stew was bubbling away until it was partially turned to charcoal. We had to redeem ourselves with our treacle sponge and custard desert. I think it went down well, but at 1 in the morning after lots of glasses of wine, anything tastes good.

I have to say my favourite dish was Katie and Alex's fish pie with spinach and boiled eggs. But everyone's was tasty. There was green thai curry, delicious potatoes and garlic mushrooms, stir fried beef and home made samosas. We all went to bed feeling full and content.

It's nights surrounded by friends, playing games with fairy lights shining and lots of laughter that makes me realise how sad I'm going to be to end the Korea chapter of our lives.

On Sunday we woke up late at Katie's place, got ready and went for a late lunch and game session at Sharky's.

Now I'm faced with a week of tests at school, and a mammoth list of things to do with our short time left in Korea.

Come dine with me





Come Dine With Me







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after moves being pulled
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