Tuesday, 5 November 2013


So, long October! My last full month in Korea...you certainly kept me busy.

Rock Piles on Jirisan

I climbed the biggest mountain peak in Korea, Jirisan. We did a little miscalculation with the amount of daylight that we had left and nearly had to finish it in the dark. This was made even scarier by the fact that there were 'Beware of the Bear' signs up all over the forest. Check out the link if you want to see some good mountainside fashion...or not!

Proof 10 Auto Pencil Etude House

Trash, Treat or Stash continued with reviews for Etude House's GOBACK Firming cream, Proof 10 Auto Pencil and Rosy Tint Lips. Will you give any of them a try?

Dwaeji Guk Bap

If you're looking to do the touristy thing in Busan, the Sites and Bites post can tell you what to see and where to eat amazing food afterwards.

Kimchi Making Competition at Hongbeopsa Temple

I went to a kimchi making event at a temple with a HUGE golen Buddha. This turned out to be a competition, which I was completely unaware of. It I had known then I would have tried even harder and won a prize, obviously! I shared the recipe afterwards.

Banana Makeolli

I also shared the recipe for my favourite Korean drink, banana makeolli. Delicious.

ROKD and OH! Roller derby Mash Up

October was a big month for Busan roller derby. The team had a big meeting and a couple of practises. I also played for the existing ROKD roller derby team in our mixed scrimmage against OH! The military team in Korea.


It was the Busan Film Festival, and I fell in love with the film Prince Avalanche with Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch. You should definitely watch it. We also saw some very creepy things in the Cinema Museum.

Gamcheon Culture Village

Speaking of creepy, we got our caricatures done at the Gamcheon Culture Village. An old slum in Busan that has been transformed into an art village. We were watched by brightly coloured birds with human heads.


The hunt began for all the travel necessities that I am going to have to invest in. The first step was a good bag, perfect for day trips or weekends away.

Namsung Elementary School Sports Day

A typhoon hit Busan on the school's sports day, meaning that the craziness was even more chaotic as they did every event at high speed to try and finish before the storm arrived.

Jack O Lantern Nails

The month of October went out with a bang as Halloween was celebrated. We won 1st place in the Halloween themed quiz that we went to, no thanks to me!

So now we're into our last 23 days of being in Korea. We're going to be busy bees, lots of packing, sorting and selling to be done!

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