Friday, 29 November 2013

Goodbye Korea!

It's a grey and rainy November morning in England. We finally got back last night after a long, long journey. It doesn't feel like we've actually left Korea, it feels like we'll be going back in a week or so! We've met so many amazing people and done hundreds of things I never though I would do. No doubt there'll be some nostalgic posts in the weeks to come.

But our last couple of days in Korea were very hectic and I was relieved to get on the plane after what felt like a long week!

On Friday I said goodbye to all of my students and co teachers. It was really sad to say goodbye as it may be the last time that I see them again. They were all really cute and gave me some gifts, letters and cards.
6th graders
1st graders
5th grade girls
2nd grade Rainbow Class
Namsung Teachers
Gifts from the 5th graders
Gifts from the 5th graders
Gifts from the 5th graders
6th grade party
Letter from a 5th grade student
6th grade party
Student letters
5th graders
Teacher Card
Presents from Students
On Monday, I went to Nick's school, which I had never been to before, to take some pictures for him. It was funny as all of the kids were very curious about me and would scream whenever I told them that I was Nick's girlfriend. The teacher asked me to come and sit in on his class so it was funny to see him in teacher mode. Afterwards, I went for my last Spanish class and then met Natasha, Amber and Ashley for one final Namsung dinner together.
Yangcheon Elementary School
Yangcheon Elementary School
Yangcheon Elementary School
Sofia and Me
Tuesday was a horrible day of getting little jobs done and still trying to finalise details of our flight. Stress!

Wednesday we tied up the last few loose ends and then went to meet all of our friends for dinner and drinks in Seomyeon. It wasn't as bad as i thought it would be to say goodbye to everyone, as I know that I will definitely see them all again! We got home by about 12:30 and was up bright and early on Thursday morning to catch our flight back to London.

So that's that chapter of our life over and done with! It's bizarre to be home!
Last BBQ
Last BBQ
Sara, Dan, Nick and I
Dan and Nick
Ruth, Tom and katie
Nick and Munns
Tash and I
Herman, Nick and Jake
Alex and Katie
James Jones, Adam and marian
Excited to be going home faces
Narita shrubbery

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