Friday, 1 November 2013

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It's funny how other people's super amazing productivity inspires you so much that it has the opposite affect on your own work and you become unproductive. That's how I feel at the moment. I spend so long 'Oohing' and 'Aaahing' over other blogs. I get lost in currents of link on Facebook and hundreds of pins on Pinterest that I forgot how I ever came to be looking at a lake in India that's the colour of candy floss. I'm kind of in a rut of awe to everyone else. But, tonight I steered clear of the computer and sat down and wrote down some things that have been fluttering around my mind for this blog. Lots of goals and tweaks that I've been meaning to make for a long time. Colour coded and everything! Let's hope that I can make this fruitful and improve my corner of the internet. We'll see!

This week has been pretty busy so far. I had a few stolen hours from school on Wednesday as I had to go and get the Yellow Fever Injection ready for Argentina. I got out at 2:30 and went down to the Customs office as you have to buy government stamps to pay for the shot. It was then to the Quarantine office to explain what I needed. The staff were really friendly there and helped me fill out the forms while I waited for Nick.

I love wandering around the city when I should be doing something else. I can inform you that at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon there are lots of fishermen down by the dock trying to catch dinner and drinking makeolli. I also found some new artwork near our school, and a rack of wedding dresses just hanging there forlornly.

Art street

Art Street

Art Street

Wedding Dresses
On Tuesday Tasha and I went to Homeplus after school on the hunt for Cathedral City cheese. Sadly they'd sold out, yet we did manage to make awesome fajitas and watch some Gossip Girl when we got home.

Then last night, to try and scrape some Halloween spookiness together, Nick and I went to a Halloween themed quiz at Sharky's in Gwangalli with lots of friends. I was luckily put on a team that had a good mix of English, American and Canadians. THey had a wealth of knowledge about all things spooky like horror films and serial killers, which is incredibly lucky as I think I probably answered about 5 questions in total! Our prize was 6 glorious cinnamon buns which we scoffed the moment we got our paws on them. They were well deserved, and it was lots of fun!
Cinnamon Buns

I'm spending the night in on my own tonight, so I'm planning to have nutella and banana pancakes for my dinner. Very nutritious. Then it's a Spanish class and Roller derby session tomorrow before a night out with friends! Exciting!

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