Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Hunt for a Perfect Travel Bag

As I have lesson plans for open classes and test papers to write coming out of my ears for my final weeks at school, I also have lots of thoughts buzzing around my head about the things I need to prepare for Argentina.

I've pretty much narrowed down my shopping list to a day rucksack, a coat, hiking boots and some sandals. I started looking last night and was overwhelmed by the amount of bags to pick from. Then I started getting ridiculously paranoid that I'm not going to pick the right one, and I will be lacking a vitally important pocket that I will only realise my life depended on when it's too late. It's a surprise I'm sleeping at night!

But here were 8 of my favourite that I found, and I realistically accept that I probably won't settle for any of them. Maybe I should save my money and use a bin liner instead?!


1. This Roxy one was my favourite until I read the detailed description. It looks big enough and has a strap that goes around your waist/chest which Nick recommended, but then it's tailored for snowboarding and has lots of things specially designed for boarding, so it might not be the bag for me.

2. Trusted old Jansport. I love the colour of this bag and it's nice and big with plenty of pockets, plus the low price makes it a high contender!

3. This Roxy one has pink flamingos on it! Enough said!

4. Another Jansport one. I like that it's canvas and the colour makes me feel a bit more grown up, although I can't see canvas being very good in the rainy season, no-one likes wearing soggy clothes! Yuck!

5. This is one of the first bags I spotted. I love that it's bright and has fish printed all over it, however, because of the same reason as number 4, I've decided against it.

6. The final Jansport one that I picked out. I like the pockets and it's a nice, big, size. It would also match the print of my hair dryer, but i'm not sure whether this is absolutely vital when looking for a travel bag, so maybe not!

7. Look! It has a unicorn hood and a fluffy pink tail! It's so cute, but I think that Nick would refuse to walk with me if I got this. I have to decide whether to be a lonesome wanderer in a unicorn hood, or good companionship...decisions.

8. The last one, which is my real favourite. I love that it has maps on it, but it is a tad too small, I don't know how to pack lightly, so despite loving it very much, this is a no!

I know that I just have to keep looking for the right bag, and I will discover it when I'm least expecting it!

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