Monday, 7 October 2013

Our Weekend: Books, Board Games and the Busan International Film Festival

Yoda and his best mate

It's that time of year again where cinemas all over Busan are showing international films, and especially the area around Shinsegae is really busy and has a great atmosphere.

Because I hadn't been feeling too well at the end of last week I took it easy on Friday night. Nick and I went for dinner and then meandered back home. Nick was knocked out sound asleep by 11 and I wasn't long after. I just remembered that a couple of weeks ago we were making the same walk home when we saw this older Korean man walking towards us. He had a bald head, thick rimmed glasses and a fancy suit on. He kind of had a spy look going on. Anyway, as we walked towards him he started waving his hand and said 'Hello! Wonderful!' then made a cat meowing sound. Nick and I kind of looked at each other wondering if we'd just imagined it, but we both agreed we heard him make it! It was such an unexpected sound to come out of a man who looked so suave and sophisticated, just another day in Korea though!

On Saturday I spent the morning doing a few bits and then went to meet Katie and Alex in Fully Booked to play some board games. Before long the two Dans and Tash joined us, and we spent the whole afternoon playing The Settlers of Catan. I was kind of happy when someone won, it felt like it was taking forever. Katie, Alex and I went to eat Bibimbap before they dashed off for their second film of the day at the festival, and I went back to join the others. I was in Fully Booked until about 10 when Nick had turned up in KSU. I was fully gamed out by that time!

On Sunday, Nick and I went to have lunch at the Dwaeji Guk Bap restaurant I mentioned last week. We then went to the cinema center to see what tickets we got our hands on. We spent the whole afternoon just hanging around BIFF terrace, people watching and reading about the other films that were on. Eventually Katie and Alex came out of their film and we had a little chat, then parted ways for us to go to the BIFF Cinema Museum. That's where Nick and Yoda bonded.

Afterwards we dashed in to watch the film Ceylon, a Sri Lankan film based in 2009 in the civil war. I'll talk more about the film festival later on in the week when we've seen all the films that we can!

We rushed from the cinema to Beached to try and catch the book swap, but sadly we got there too late. Fortunately Tash, Dan and another British couple who have just moved to Busan were there having a drink so we ended the weekend eating BBQ outside, looking at Gwangan bridge. It was really windy and I was convinced that the typhoon that was forecast was on its way but it seems to have missed us.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend!

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