Friday, 11 October 2013

Busan International Film Festival 2013

This week has been Busan's International Film Festival. A week long celebration of film. We'd tried to get tickets but they all sold out really quickly, so we have managed to get our hands on a couple of cancellations.

To be honest, the most enjoyable part has been just hanging around the square and soaking up the atmosphere, particularly over the weekend when the typhoon was supposed to hit and was causing mischief by blowing empty chairs and cups everywhere. We also paid a visit to the Cinema Museum.

The museum was pretty bizarre. It was a collection of busts of famous characters from Hollywood films that a Korean music composer has collected to 'decorate his man cave' as it was worded on the information. Some of it was pretty terrifying to look around, and I wasn't surprised to see one little Korean boy crying his eyes out due to pure horror!

It freaked me out that the collector had lots of life size replicas of Heath Ledger as the Joker, Michael Jackson and Edward Scissor Hands. Obviously having a bit of spare time on his hands he had taken them out and taken photos of them just standing in front of landmarks. I wouldn't like to wake up to one of those peering out from a dark corner of my room.

As I mentioned before, we managed to get cancelled tickets for two films. The first was called Ceylon, a Sri Lankan film based in the civil war in 2009. I really didn't enjoy this film, it didn't really give any context about the setting or what was actually happening in Sri Lanka at the time, and I never really grasped any more about it than what I already knew. Some of the characters were endearing but it was painful to watch the chain of terrible things that happens to them within what appeared to be a few short hours. I left feeling really depressed, eugh.

The second one was so much better. It was called Prince Avalanche, which has Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch in it. This is based in Texas after the wildfires in 2008. Paul Rudd is a road maintenance guy, who has offered to help out his girlfriend by taking her helpless brother to work with him as they try and fix the damage of the fires on the road. I found it hilarious in its own charming little way and laughed out loud throughout the whole film. I loved how they ended it with a wisp of a ghost story as the two main characters whizz off into the sunset towards what the weekend may have in store for them. I would really recommend this to anyone who fancies watching something different.

It's weird to think that when the next film festival rolls around I will be long gone from Busan...

Biff Terrace
Cinema museum
Ajumma pic nic
Busan Seagull
Comic Book character
Super hero wall
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Life size Joker
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