Thursday, 24 October 2013

Autumn Days

Things have been ridiculously hectic since my mum left Busan and I feel like I've been a bit neglectful on here, not reading the blogs I used to everyday and hardly having any time to comment. But, it's all in aid of our new, exciting adventure. Argentina in 54 days.

I have a Korea bucketlist as long as my elbow of everything I want to see before I leave. We've been busy bees, crossing things of. The next one is climbing Mount Jirisan at the weekend. I'm not too sure if I actually want to climb it, but I know once I get to the top I'll be really proud. Last year Seorak was the best place to go in Autumn as the leaves were all bright reds, and oranges, so I'm hoping that this climb will be the same. The climb also means that we won't get to see the fireworks this year, or celebrate Halloween as most of the parties are being held this weekend. I will break my habit of avoiding scary films at all costs and make Nick watch one on Halloween night.

Autumn has definitely arrived here with a grey, drizzly day. There's no way I can forget my cardigan when I leave the house in the morning anymore, as it's always so chilly. So far from the Summer when you'd leave the house and instantly want to have a cold shower it was just so hot!

The poor kids at school have had tests all of this week, and we've just finished the last couple of tests. To entertain the class while we've been doing the individual speaking tests we've been playing Tom and Jerry, which weirdly they call 'Tong and Jerry'. I used to be obsessed with this cartoon when I was younger. It reminds me of those pre packaged mini cake mixes that my mum used to buy that had strawberry icing and sugar paper pictures to stick on top! They always tasted amazing when I was little, I wonder if they're still the same now?! Or perhaps it was because I could appreciate all the hard graft that had gone into them!

Finally, the last piece of exciting news is that last night we had a meeting with all of the girls who had shown interest in playing roller derby in Busan. We got together at Sharky's and it was so nice to be surrounded by so many people who are enthusiastic about it! Exciting times lay ahead in Busan, it's just a shame that I won't be here to share the fun!

Busan Roller Derby Flyer

Busan Roller Derby Team First Ever Meeting
The flyer that the talented Rosh designed quick sticks for last night//
I love this photo a. because of Rosh's pose and her swanky reversible jacket, and it has the cutest
dog in it, if you look close enough you can see him!

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