Monday, 2 September 2013

Our Weekend

It's back to work today, but luckily all of our classes have been cancelled so we have some time to catch up before the mayhem of the second term starts.

After a relaxing week last week, Nick and I decided to stay in on Friday and made homemade chili con carne with sweet potato wedges and some red wine. It was amazing, maybe because I've not had chili in nearly 18 months. We also finished watching the film Away We Go, which I really enjoyed. I thought it was charming and funny and I loved the main actors in it. Has anyone else seen it?

On Saturday I spent the day sorting out a few things, including making a booking for Nick and I to go shark diving next weekend. Later I met up with the lovely Katie and we went for makeolli and food in Seomyeon before heading to her team mate's party. It turned out to be lots of fun and filled with some great people. I wish I had the time to try my hand at Gaelic football, I doubt I would be any good but it seems pretty exciting and the people I've met from the team seem like a good bunch! I met a stranger who knew how to use my camera way better than I did, so we had some fun with the sparklers. I also met the lovely Jennifer who told me that she liked to read this blog, so hello if she's reading! I also forced her to have a picture before I left!

Sunday Nick got me up bright and early, and having fed me on scrambled eggs and toast, we set off to Jangsan for a hiking adventure. It's great now the weather has finally started to cool down and you can actually go outside and enjoy it! I'll share more about it later but we took several wrong turns, and eventually ended the day on Seongjeong beach where we watched the surfers and could hear the sounds of the Sunset Live Reggae festival that was happening just down the road.

Homemade Chili and Sweet Potato Wedges
Sparkler Fun
Sparkler Fun
Sparkler Fun
Sparkler Fun
Jangsan Hike
Songjeong beach
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