Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Korean Make up Trash, Treat or Stash: Etude House's Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence

Trash, Treat or Stash. The Korean make-up products I've discovered are better off in the bin, the ones you should treat yourself to every now and again, and the ones that are so good that you should definitely make sure you have a stash of them.

Goodbye Pore Ever

So now the weather's finally cooled down, I'm starting to dapple with foundation again, as it's been far too hot recently, making it pointless to try and put anything on other than waterproof mascara. I'd bought this primer quite a while ago as it promised to mask pores, moisturise and give better make-up coverage, all of this in one small tube. I have dry skin on my face so it seemed rude not to give it a go!

Cost: This costs ₩9,000 for a 20ml tube. That's just under £6. Compared to some of the primers that I've had in the past, such as MAC, then it's a bargain.
Usability: It's pretty easy to use. Just apply and rub into skin before putting your makeup on. A little goes a long way, so that is also a benefit. Etude do say that it only needs to put on areas where there are wrinkles or visible pores, so if you wanted to make the product last longer you could just put it on the problem areas.
Prettiness: I liked the smell of this, it's not too strong and florally, and the retro packaging gets a thumbs up too.
Effectiveness: The product didn't feel too heavy after applying foundation. It also left the skin feeling quite velvety and soft to the touch. I also really liked the dewy and even finish of the skin after I had finished applying all of my make up.


Overall: I'll definitely be stashing this product for when I go back to England. I loved how it made my skin look and feel, loved the smell and thought it was a really good alternative to the more expensive products that are available! If you want to save money on your every day basics then it's definitely worth giving it a go!

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