Friday, 13 September 2013

Board Game Bangs : Chess PNU

As my Mum finally arrives today Nick and I spent the evening together as we won't see each other for a while. I decided to take him to a Board Game Bang in the PNU area. I really like it in PNU, as it's one of the university areas, it's got a fun, laid-back vibe with lots of small boutiques and coffee shops to while away some time cheaply.

There are lots of different 'bangs' in Korea. DVD bangs, Noraebangs, Multi bangs and board game bangs, and probably many more that I'm not aware of. Bang translates as room, so these are places that specialise in either small private rooms, or public spaces where you can do the above. DVD bangs are like video hire shops where you pick a DVD and go into a private room to watch it, Noreabangs are private karaoke rooms, multi bangs combine everything together and the final one is where we went last night!

I really like this little place called 'Chess'. On your way in you're sat at a table with a yogi-oh button, so you can call over the staff whenever you need help. I think that you pay hourly, so the longer that you stay, the higher the charge will be. We stayed for about an hour which came to 5,000, which is about 2.70. This also includes a drink which you can pick from their small menu. I went for hot chocolate and Nick had an iced coffee.

I only know the rules of a few select games, and not many of the other games had English instructions, so we settled on playing Boggle and a Simpson's version of Cluedo. Sadly Nick beat me at both games, I obviously wasn't on top form this week.

It looked like it's not just computer gaming that's big business in Korea, as there were lots of tables of people having serious looking games, and the staff were constantly being buzzed to fetch new games to the tables. Every so often we would hear a cheer coming from a tense game around the corner, so it was quite a fun atmosphere to be in.

We left after about an hour because we were so hungry (and I kept losing), but I can see us spending a lot more time there in the evenings when it starts to get colder.

We went to stuff our hungry tummys at Coq, which serves fried chicken and beer, where I found the most humongous potato wedge that I've ever seen!

Board Game Bang

Board Game Bang

All the games


Simpson's CLue

Beer and Snacks

Fried Chicken

Huge potato wedge

How to get to Chess

-Get off the metro at PNU
-Come out of exit 1.
-Walk straight ahead, down the road with all of the shops. Keep walking, past McDonalds, up to the road that you will have to cross.
-Keep walking straight, even though it will get a little quieter here, and cross the next road.
-Eventually you should see the yellow checked sign on the second floor on your right.
-chess is above a convenience store and opposite an Ediya cofee.

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