Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Whhaaaat? It's September already? August whizzed by, and took the blooming hot weather with it too. Finally I can stand outside for more than 30 seconds without standing in a puddle of sweat. September also means the imminent arrival of my Mum. She loved Korea so much last year that she's coming again on the 13th of September. Exciting! But while I count down the days, here is what I got up to in the month of August.

The Dancing Princesses School Play
For the first three weeks of August we were helping out at the school's English Summer Camp. This meant half days packed with chaotic lessons that resulted in a play that we had to perform to the school.

Big News! I went to my first noraebang after a year and a half in Korea. Noraebangs are private karaoke rooms that Koreans love.

Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar
Trash, Treat or Stash, my bi-weekly beauty review feature continued by looking at Skin Food's Argan Oil Hair Mask and Tony Moly's Hello Bunny Perfume Stick. What do you think?

Happy Anniversary
Nick and I celebrated one year of being-togetherness by going to watch a Lotte Giants Baseball game, where I got to see my first home run! Go Lotte!

Ilgwang Beach
With an extra day off in the middle of camp we went to explore one of Busan's secret beaches.

Flat face
I shared some of Joe's photos from the Beijing trip at the end of July. They brought back lots of funny memories that I had already forgotten.

Candy Bag
I also couldn't help but show you all what I bought myself when I was in Beijing and KL and had summoned up the courage to haggle.

First Day of Vacation
I spent my second week off in and around Busan, at the beach, being a tour guide for Nick's friend, Dave, who was visiting from the UK, and I spent the afternoon in my favourite cafe.

So Summer's on its way out, and Autumn is coming! My favourite time of year in Korea. I'm currently trying to plan what to do when I have my visitors here in less than two weeks. Also, Nick and I are going shark diving next weekend, so hopefully I will still have all limbs in tact for the rest of September! Eeek!

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