Monday, 19 August 2013

Our Weekend: One Year Anniversary!

It's been a whole year since Nick and I properly got together, so we decided to celebrate with how it all the Baseball!

As I had never watched a baseball game until I got to Korea, I got to see my first home run on Saturday night, scored by Busan's team the Lotte Giants.

Although I still haven't got my head around the rules, it was lots of fun to watch and it was nice to see them win! It was also good to don the orange bags on our heads again like true fans do! I also love that old and young people all flock to watch their team. An old couple sat infront of us constantly taking pictures with huge cameras that looked like they meant business, whilst next to them was a tiny boy who was sat alone. It was so cute to watch him know every single chant and song that we couldn't resist buying him a chocolate milk to have, it looked like thirsty work being such an avid fan!

On the Sunday we took it easy and headed to Dadaepo beach with some friends and spent a lazy afternoon playing skatch in the sea. Does anyone else remember that game? It reminds me of Summer holidays when I was in primary school!

Lotte Giants Korean Baseball Team

Outside Sajik Baseball Stadium

Outside Sajik Baseball Stadium

Happy Anniversary

Sajik Baseball Stadium

Lotte Giants Cheer Leader

Old Baseball Fans

Lotte Giants Fan Girl

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