Friday, 16 August 2013

My Beijing haggling bargains and Kuala Lumpur F21 Splurge

I couldn't resist some of the things I saw in the markets in Beijing, particularly the Silk Market where the stall holders were happy to haggle with you. It was my first time haggling and it was so much fun.

I wanted to buy the pink sparkly candy bag but the lady told me it was going to be 600 yuen, which is about £60. I told her that I only had £15 so that was all I was willing to pay. I loved that she acted all indignant and started saying 'are you crazy?!' before I walked off, then it was only a step or two before she started chasing me saying 'ok, ok, how about £20?' She sulked and huffed and puffed while I stood my ground and eventually she agreed to the price that I originally said.  This happened in every shop.

For anyone that's going to go there I would recommend staying strong and sticking with your original price as long as it's reasonable, they'll eventually give in as they hate to see you walk away empty handed, or even worse, to buy it from the stall next door.

On one occasion I got her down to my agreed price, but when I looked in my purse, I only had half of what I'd said I had. She was NOT a happy bunny, but still gave it to me!

I also couldn't resist the pencil chopsticks, big hair bows and hair chalks from Nanluoguxiang shopping street.


Hair Pastels

Candy Bag

China Bow

Pencil Chopsticks

Then once I got to Kuala Lumpur, I noticed that there was a Forever 21 in the shopping centre next to Grace's apartment building, so I treated myself to this strawberry shirt and polka dot print dress. I love F21 but they don't have one in Busan or in my town at home, so I always end up buying a lot more than I should!

China Bow

F21 Dress

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