Friday, 30 August 2013

Back To School

summer Holidays

It's Friday already, this week has flown by way too quickly. I haven't really done much, but at the same time I've been really busy.

I forgot to mention that on Monday evening we went to Beomosa temple. It was so peaceful and quiet at that time, and we were lucky enough to see the monks playing on the huge drums, something I've never seen before. For dinner we went into the mountain and ate goat meat. The poor family had just closed the restaurant when we arrived, but when they saw us, they reopened everything, served our food then asked if it was ok for us to close up for them as they had to get to the supermarket!

After spending the morning on Songdo beach on Wednesday morning, I went to meet Nick and Dave in PNU for one last meal before Dave headed back to the UK. We were both really sad to see him go.

On Thursday I went to meet up with Grace and Gina, two of my co-teachers at school. Little did I know that they had surfing plans lined up for us, but because I hadn't brought my swim stuff with me, we couldn't do it. Instead we went back to Grace's new apartment as she has just got married, and she taught me how to make Korean pancakes and banana makeolli. I'm planning on sharing the recipe soon!

Tasha arrived back today, so we have been for coffee and shopping in Seomyeon and now I'm trying to plan an amazing weekend before the new term starts on Monday...what can we do?!

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