Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Out with Google Reader, In with Bloglovin'

Google Reader's a little tool that allowed people to show their support for this blog. But, it has finally closed down this week, which means that you can't follow any of your favourite blogs via Google anymore.


I tried Bloglovin' after hearing it mentioned from lots of bloggers that I trust, and have to admit that it's alot better for both bloggers and their readers.

As a follower of blogs, it's easy to set up your account, search for the blogs you love and subscribe to them. It's also easy to update your reading list from Google Reader onto your new Bloglovin' account by following these steps. By following your blogs here you receive a daily email keeping you up-to-date with any new posts that you may not have read.

It's also really easy to find new blogs to read. Any interest you have, there's probably an amazing blog hidden away somewhere that you haven't discovered yet. What's more, is that with Bloglovin' you can also categorise the blogs you do follow, making them easier to find and follow.

As a blogger, it's really great to find other inspiring blogs, have a profile that i can build and hopefully use to increase readership, and also I get an email every single time I get a new follower, which never fails to put a smile on my face.

I know I don't have many followers on either site, but i'd just like to say a big thanks to the ones that have already signed up on Bloglovin' and the 25 of you that have been following me on Google Reader! Whether you're a veteran follow of this blog, or whether you've decided it's time to simplify things, please take a minute or two to sign up and follow me on the other side.

To make things even simpler, all you have to do is press the green plus button below!

See you over at Bloglovin'

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