Monday, 1 July 2013

Our Weekend: Surfing and Sun!

Friday started off the weekend quietly with some Chinese food in KSU, followed by a board game session in Fully Booked. I've never played The Settlers of Catan before, and I spent the majority of the game very confused, but I somehow managed to win!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early and headed to Haeundae beach to watch the surf competition. One of Nick's friends was competing so it was fun to spend the day supporting him. He got into the finals, but sadly the weather wasn't good enough on Sunday to go back down, so I'm not sure how he did.

Saturday night was Girl's Night. This is something we hadn't done since we started our new contracts, and sadly only Tasha and I could make it, but we headed out into KSU again to see what the new bars that had popped up had to offer.

Sunday was a lazy one, spent watching TV. I'm trying to finish the seventh season of Dexter so that I can start with the new one, although I don't have my hopes up too much!

Sunday night we learnt the lesson about never taking for granted your favourite places in Korea. I had noticed how quickly shops and restaurants come and go here. In the week that Nick was in hospital, one of our favourite restaurants in Deokcheon was obviously closed, refurbished and reopened as a chicken place. So when we fancied a burger yesterday and our first option turned out not to be viable, we headed to Gwangalli to go to Breeze Burn's only to sadly discover that this had disappeared too, but we did call in at Burger and Pasta and stuffed our faces while looking out to the bridge.

The settlers of Catan

Get well soon card

Haeundae Surf competition

Luke surfing

Girls night

Girls night

Girl's night

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