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I can't believe how quickly June flashed by. It had its ups and downs, but we're into July now, and very much into the rainy season here in Korea. Only two more weeks and I am on a well deserved holiday to Beijing and Kuala Lumpur. I cannot wait! Here is what I got upto in June...

Daiso Nose pack
Trash, Treat or Stash, my bi weekly Korean Make-Up product feature continued this month. I gave my first Trash status to Daiso's Nose Clean Packs, see how Etude House's Real Cleansing Oil did .
Sailor Shoes at Dalmaji Outdoor theatre
June started with some beautiful weather, so we tried to be cultured and went to watch some Shakespeare in the outdoor theatre at Dalmajii in Busan.
Children's Park
We explored Seomyeon's Children's Park, which turned out to be great for grabbing some peace, drinking makeolli and running.
Superhero Sand sculpture
June is the month of Busan's annual Sand Festival, so we explored the Hollywood themed sand sculptures. It also tempted the roller derby ladies to come down to Busan, so I got to spend some time with them on the beach and a little time on wheels too!
Hello Kitty Moxi Skate
Speaking of roller derby, I drooled over the new Moxi Hello Kitty skates which are available to buy now at the shop. Want, want, want!
View from Oedo
We were lucky enough to get a public holiday in June, so we travelled to Geoje Island, which is only an hour from Busan by bus. The weather was amazing so we ventured even further to Oedo Island, which is an amazing botanical island that can only be reached by boat. That was one of my favourite trips I've been on since being in Korea.
Cake Decorating
We donned our party hats and celebrated Nick's birthday at the Cake Decorating Cafe in Haeundae, imaginatively named Make Cake Cafe. What do you think to our creation?
Nick Hospital
Unfortunately, it was due to celebrating his birthday a little too hard that Nick ended up seriously hurting his hand a few days later. So a whole week of June was spent in a Korean hospital, looking out of the window at the sunny days that were escaping us. I have to say that considering the hospitals are privatised, his stay didn't cost half as much as we expected. And compared to the healthcare that I'm used to from the NHS, which is obviously free and I would never want to change that for the world, the care Nick got was amazing, the hospital was really clean, the staff were friendly, professional and attentive and he was seen to so quickly.
Real Art
Picture taken from:
When accidents happen abroad, it always highlights the distance you are from home. So I decided to share 5 tips on how to deal with a mini crisis when you're travelling.
Hospital Week
The week after this happened, I was going to and from the hospital more than I care to remember, so it was the little things that kept spirits up.
Once Nick was out of hospital it was all about getting rid of his cabin fever, so his first weekend of freedom we spent lots of time outside, soaking up the beautiful weather. We went for walks along the beach and watched a couple of films too.
La Vie En Rose Cafe
Taking the rest of the month nice and easy while Nick got used to a life of not being medicated up to his eyeballs, we explored Seomyeon's cafe street, where he took me to La Vie En Rose Cafe...a cafe for grown up princesses.
Luke surfing
The last weekend of June was a mish mash of sunshine and gloomy days, so we went to watch the annual surf competition at Haeundae beach and spent Sunday lazing around, ready for what July has to throw at us!

Phew! What a busy month! I'm ready for the last few weeks at school which are proving to be hectic. And also, speaking of wrapping things up, Google Reader has now shut down, so please take a second to follow me on Bloglovin'. Click the green plus button below to add me!

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