Friday, 28 June 2013

Weekend Wishlist: Hello Kitty Moxi Roller Skates

I remember when I first started roller derby, I was signing up to every single roller derby boot camp that I could. My favourite by far was one held in Birmingham with both Estro Jen and Bonnie D. Stroir in 2009. Ever since that weekend I have loved both skaters, particularly Estro Jen.

She could do things on skates that I wouldn't even attempt when both my feet were planted fimrly on the ground. I never really take the time to think about people who I think are good role models but she is someone who I really admire and respect.

Not only is she an incredibly talented skater, but a brilliant business woman, and shows a great attitude towards life too. She owns the company Moxi who has recently collaborated with Hello Kitty and they have come up with these beautiful skates. That definitely makes a great role model in my eyes! If anyone is feeling flash with their money then I definitely wouldn't turn a pair of these down!

Hello Kitty Moxi Skate

Hello Kitty Wheel

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