Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Our Weekend: Shakespeare, Soju and Sun

This weekend I spent lots of time outdoors, which was great!

Friday started with a run after school. Trying to avoid the commuters bustling around on the pavements took my mind off the run. After that I watched some Dexter as Nick had gone out for a meal with his friends.

Saturday was gloomy but incredibly hot. I was supposed to go to Daegu to play roller derby, but the attendence list was low so I decided to save my money and wait until next weekend when the whole league will come down to Busan ready for the Sand Festival.

So, instead of skating, we decided to take a walk around the Children's Park, near Seomyeon. It was such a perfect day for it as we were under the cover of the trees hidden from the grey clouds. I'll share more about that later.

Saturday night Dan's parents were in town so we went for delicious BBQ and showed them what soju was all about, followed by a beach party down at Dadaepo, with more soju.

Sunday I wasn't feeling too clever, but it was bright and sunny outside. We headed up to Dalmaji hill to watch a production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at the outdoor theatre. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon to laze around in the grass, surrounded by lots of people who were being incredibly quiet. (I've noticed that Korean's love noise!).

To top it off, we wandered down the hill back towards Haeundae, and grabbed some sushi with Alex and Katie at their local restaurant called Sushi Berry. It's fast becoming my favourite place to eat, it's so tasty and so cheap! And that's coming from someone who doesn't even like sushi.

When we got back we finished the weekend by watching a film called The Angel's Share, based in Glasgow Scotland,on Alex's reccommendation. It's one of the only films that Nick and I have both watched and loved recently. All about whiskey and chavs, what more could a girl want?!

Children's Park
Beach Party Outfit
Swallow collar
Sailor Shoes at Dalmaji Outdoor theatre
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
사진 217
Walk back to Haeundae Beach
Korean Pagoda Roof
View of Haeundae Beach
Entrance to the children's park// My beach party outfit// Sunday afternoon at the amphitheatre//
The walk back from Dalmaji// Amazing views of Haeundae beach

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