Monday, 17 June 2013

Our Weekend: My First Experience of Korean Hospitals

This weekend turned out to be overly chaotic and tiring.

Nick had an accident on Friday night that left him with severed tendons in his hand and he was unable to move his fingers. We spent many hours in one hospital, before we were told that they wouldn't be able to do anything for him. So we got a taxi to a specialised hospital about 30 minutes north where we were told that they would have to operate on him the next morning and he would have to stay in for a week to recover. I got home at 8am on Saturday morning and was absolutely worn out.

On two hours sleep I got up and headed over to his to get some stuff for his stay and got back to the hospital just after his operation. He was really dosy from a night of no sleep, they hadn't let him eat or drink since he got to the first hospital so I think he must have been really dehydrated, and after the aneasthetic he was in another world, telling me random things about his night when I had been sat by his side the whole time, or repeating things three or four times!

After a nap he was moved to a ward with more people on it. Feeling a little more with it after a day of lounging around, he got himself dressed and ready to leave, when the doctor told him how serious the injury was and that he really needed to stay put. Cue lots of panicked calls to his family and his school. How could he afford it and what about his classes? Unfortunately for his teachers, he had open class this week, which is where the parents come to watch your lessons, so it looks like someone else will have to do it. Needing the fresh air, we went for a wander through the streets, like a true Korean, he kept his pajamas on and took his drip along with him!

Sadly, this also means that I've had to cancel his birthday surprise, which was a weekend away river trekking, with a bungee jump thrown in there for good measure. I have to confess that I am slightly relieved that we can't do the bungee jump, but I'm still a little gutted about the weekend as a whole! Boo!

So here's to wishing the patient a speedy recovery!!

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