Monday, 10 June 2013

Our Weekend: Busan Sand Festival 2013

It was that time of year again where people congregate in Busan to see what amazing things can be done with sand. Haeundae was really, really busy. When we first arrived, we'd just missed the big water fight that they had arranged. We headed straight to the beach to check out the sculptures, as we missed them last year.

This year's theme was Hollywood. As soon as we reached the sculptures, we were greeted by one that looked like a roll of film, with all the characters from recent blockbusters. There was Spider Man, Hulk, Batman, Gollum and... PSY. I didn't know he had magical powers. I also liked the fact that there was someone dressed in a kigu whose job it was to maintain the sculpture.

There was an E.T one, a mermaid one, Marilyn Monroe, Frankenstein and many, many more.

Judging from the previous years' pictures, there seemed to be more actual sculptures before, rather than big blocks of sand with things carved into them that we saw. It did make me wonder though, whether it's some people's full time jobs to make sand statues?!

After we'd spent a while looking around the sculptures, we tried to find ourselves a spot on the beach. This was easier said than done. There were hundreds and hundreds of people along the whole of the beach. I really dislike the fact that as soon as Summer arrives, that the beach is swathed in umbrellas so no sun actually touches the sand! Luckily we managed to find somwhere, just in time to catch the air show they'd put on.

Following that, the girls from the roller derby team arrived in Busan, so we lazed around on the beach all day, chatting.

That night we tried out a new makeolli bar in Seomyeon, then headed home quite early, ready for roller derby practise the next day.

Sunday was gloomy and grey, which meant that it was the perfect temperature to be skating outside. We had a two hour practise, then I wiled away the afternoon in a coffee shop, practising my Spanish until Alex and Nick arrived having got lost on their bike ride!

It was relaxed and easy, exactly what I needed. Only 6 and a half weeks left until Summer holidays and I will be off to Beijing and Kuala Lumpur! So excited!

Kigu dressed attendent
Superhero Sand sculpture
E.T Sand sculpture
ET Sand sculpture
Frankenstein Sand sculpture
Sand Artist
The Joker Sand sculpture
Good beach attire
Busan Air Show
Busan Air Show
Busan Air Show

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