Monday, 3 June 2013


May's been a quiet month where I've really been trying to watch my spending. The faster the months go past, the more I realise I need to save, ready for the next adventure after I leave Korea. Here's what we got upto:

All of us together
May was the month that my group of friends decided to explore Namhae Island and the Wineglass Festival. A long weekend to celebrate Buddha's Birthday can't be bad. The company was great, but the festival not so much!

Entrance to Buddhist Temple
As it was Buddha's Birthday, there were lots of festivities going on around Nampo. I loved the night time lantern festival in the park below Nampo Tower. So pretty!

Also, it was the month that I discovered lots of other bloggers around Korea by taking part in The Colors of Korea project. Here's what pink means to Korea. Also, please take a look at Mimsie's collaborative post which features all of the colours. Pink wasn't just about cuteness, it also proved to signify religious and cultural traditions too. Notice my struggle with the British and American spelling of colour, or color. Something I have to be very careful with infront of my kids too!

great gatsby
I went to see The Great Gatsby, and I have to say that I loved it! Despite the reviews that I'd heard before hand. We went as a belated celebration of Tasha's birthday. See what I have to say about it here.

Daiso Nail wraps
I carried on the Trash, Treat or Stash, which has been really popular. I even got Natasha to guest blog one week, and she gave us our first Trash rating! Products that did better than Daiso's nail wraps were Etude House's Face Masks and Tony Moly's hand cream.

Natasha, Grace and I
I got to watch my Korean colleague get married. It was the first Korean wedding that I've been to, and was enough of a mix of Korean and Western to be slightly bizarre. She looked beautiful though.

Korean Teacher's Day
I was showered with gifts for Teacher's Day. I really think that this day should be adopted by England!

Korean crafts
Trying to save my money meant nights in were alot more regular, so I got crafty and made these phone accessories from a DIY kit.

I hope that your May was good! June looks like it should be good, we have a national holiday this week and Nick's birthday to look forward to. I've already booked his birthday present, but can't say too much as it's a surprise!

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