Thursday, 13 June 2013

Happy Birthday Nick!

Nick Birthday

A year ago, give or take a couple of days, Nick and I had our first date. He agreed to let me decide where to go, so the obvious choice was With Cat, the cat cafe in KSU. I think he regretted it as soon as we arrived. As it was a day or two before his birthday, I took along some presents and a party hat.

It resulted in a hilarious hour of the cats doing everything they can to make Nick never want to return. He looks like he wants to throttle me in the picture. It included me making him wear a party hat, a cat spraying on his gift bag, another one taking a leak right near his foot, and all but the ugliest cat shunning him.

It was hilarious to watch but I don't think he'll be rushing back there anytime soon. This year he's let me take him out for his birthday again, and this time I hope that he enjoys it a little more! So, Happy Birthday to Nick!

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