Friday, 7 June 2013

Busan's Children's Park, Seomyeon

We found ourselves having a couple of hours to spare around Seomyeon of Saturday afternoon, so we decided to have a walk around the Children's Park in Seomyeon.

I'd been before a few months ago, as there's a free museum in the middle of the park, and we went to do some research for the space themed event day that we had at school last year. Most of the information is in Korean, but there are lots of fun, hands on things to do that you don't need to read to figure out. Including a set of scales that tells you how much you would weigh on each planet. I'm just happy that I live on Earth rather than Jupiter! It is definitely worth a walk around on a rainy afternoon.

But as it was nice outside, we decided to wander around the park. At the weekend it's absolutely packed with the usual families and ajummas in their hiking gear. I've decided that it's about time that I started learning how to use my camera properly, and there were plenty of things to take photos of here.

The park itself is a man made reservoir surrounded by forested mountains, so it's nice and cool under the shade of the trees. There are lots of small restaurants around the paths serving simple food and makeolli, and also toys and balloons for the kids.

I also loved that there were areas that had been created around the water where you can sit and chat, or have a picnic. We all know that picnicking is one of Korea's favourite past times! Not wanting to be left out, we stopped to have some lunch on the way.

About half way around the reservoir there are lots of parks for the kids to enjoy, along with badminton courts with gushing streams running along side it. It's amazing when you're in the park to think that the busy streets of Seomyeon are not far away, it's so quiet and calm.

It was so nice, that I decided to go back for a run on Monday, and it was perfect because the reservoir is about 1km to get around, so it's easy to measure, and the path is completely shaded, so it wasn't too hot.

In the evenings, it's a completely different place. It's very peaceful, and the swings and playgrounds are eerily quiet due to the complete lack of children. I had old guys cheering me every lap I did, and ajummas who watch you with steely clances from their benches in the trees.

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Children's Park
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