Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Our Weekend: Namhae Island for Buddha's Birthday

I hope that everybody had a great weekend! We had fun on Namhae Island, which is also called Korea's 'Treasure Island', but it was a little bizarre at times.

High Points of our trip:

Being far away from work with friends.
Being surrounded by greenery.
The delicious food we managed to make, BBQ skewers two nights in a row were amazing!
The homemade banana makeolli went down well.
Celebrating Tasha's birthday with a delicious cake from Paris Baguette.
Being given free baked eggs by a mother and daughter on a beach. They were tasty.
Meeting some lovely new people who happily wore coupling hoodies.
Our pension was really nice, clean and snugly fit all eight of us in. Plus, it was right next to the GS 25, meaning that we didn't have to make the half hour trip back into town for more provisions.
Seeing Munns, whose movements after a few drinks is more like a felled tree rather than a popstar, dancing to Gangnam Style. I have video evidence to prove it!

Low Points of our trip:

Travelling around Korea's roads on Buddha's Birthday turned out to be as bad an idea as travelling around England on a bank holiday. A two hour journey was doubled because of everyone trying to go on mini vacations.
I am very happy that we didn't go with an organised tour to the festival that was being held where we stayed. There was noone there, it had a bizarre atmosphere of drunken waygooks and old koreans. I would advise other people to steer clear of the Wineglass festival if it runs again.
The weather being a little gloomy and wet at times, but it soon tried to make up for it with the sun popping up every now and then.
Giving myself a horrible burn whilst eating Ramyeon after the first night out. Ouch.

I feel like due to the traffic, we didn't really get to see the best that Namhae has to offer. Although, if I don't get the chance to go back and see if it really lives up to its 'Treasure Island' name, then at least I saw the eerie festival and the bizarre German village in the middle of nowhere!

Wall Art

Not the sandy beach we had planned

Busy Festival

Our koala mascot for the weekend

A civilised time was had by all

Wineglass Festival

Preparing the BBQ

Making BBQing look even better

Our Pension

Namhae Korea Pension View

BBQ Couple

BBQ Kebabs

Paris Baguette Cake

Birthday cake time

Oull your most attractive face

Free Baked Eggs

View from the beach

German Village

Sausage at the German Village

BBQ day 2

Ramyeon finger burn Day 2

Coupling Hoodies

All of us together

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