Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Korean Make Up Trash, Treat or Stash: Daiso's "Candy Pops" nail wraps

Trash, Treat or Stash. The products I've discovered are better off in the bin, the ones you should treat yourself to every now and again, and the ones that are so good that you should definitely make sure you have a stash of them. This week Natasha's guest blogging about one of her findings.

Daiso Nail wraps
Kiss Nail Wraps

I’ve agreed to help out with Maddie’s Trash, Treat or Stash feature because I think I’m the first of us to come across a rubbish product! I’d misguidedly stocked up on Daiso "Candy Pops" nail wraps. I thought I would give them another try especially for the blog, mainly because I really wanted them to look as good on as they do in the packet. Sadly I was disappointed again!

Cost: The packs are ₩1,000 to ₩2,000 from Daiso depending on the size – I’ve never splashed out on any of the other sets that cost more, but at 60p-£1.20 they are ridiculously cheap AND you get a nail file and stick included!!
Prettiness: Undeniably cutesy and Korean, I love all the patterns and there are loads to choose from. This pink kisses pattern was one of my favourites so that’s the one I decided to try for this feature.
Usability: This set was from the ₩2,000 range so there were a lot more wraps with more choice of sizes. The last ones were too skinny for my giant western hands, so there were gaps down the sides of my nails. This was not a problem with the more expensive version, and I have enough left to do all my nails at least once more. So far so good! They were easy to apply, and while it took me a while to smooth them down and cut/file them to a better fit, I was much happier with the result this time. Well…..that was before I went to bed and woke up to find them peeling back at the ends and catching on everything – just like last time! I barely made it through first period at school before I had peeled them off and binned them. Luckily Maddie managed to take a photo first!


Overall: Sadly the Candy Pops cute patterns and low prices are not enough to save this product from being firmly placed in the TRASH category. Don’t buy them – they are absolutely awful and a huge waste of time! Just because they're super cute and really cheap can't hide the fact that they were the worst thing I'd ever attempted to beautify myself with. Difficult and time-consuming to apply, and then uncomfortable and constantly catching on everything; I had ripped them off my nails in a rage before the day was out! I’ve been put off nail wraps by these and might need a few Primark £1 sets (which are brilliant!) sending my way to cheer me up……..oh go on!

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