Thursday, 2 May 2013

Busan's Parks: Taejongdae

Here are a few snaps from our late Sunday afternoon stroll around Taejongdae Park in the South of Busan. I love that all the lotus lanterns are up around the temples ready for Buddha's Birthday in a few weeks, it makes everything look so colourful and pretty.
Taejongdae Train
Taejongdae Park
View from Taejongdae
Rock Climbing Taejongdae
Lighthouse Stairs Taejongdae
Putting our feet up
Taejongdae Lighthouse
Taejongdae Temple
Taejongdae Temple
Taejongdae Temple
Taejongdae Temple
Taejongdae Park
The little train that runs around the park// Walking over the cliffs//
The light house// The light house stairs// Relaxing after a late lunch//
Walking down to the temple//  The temple ready for the birthday celebrations//
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