Friday, 3 May 2013


Spring arrived in Busan this month, so we spent lots of our time's what we got upto.
Cherry Blossom
The cherry blossoms came and went incredibly quickly.
Mother of all packages
I got Cadbury's Creme Eggs in the post to celebrate Easter.
Korean Care Package Giveaway
I had my first ever giveaway and shared some gifts I think are perfect to send home.
Korean bowling shoes
We had a rainy weekend so I tried out bowling in Korea for the first time. Loving the shoes!
Easter Nails
I started a new feature, Trash, Treat or Stash. See week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4.
Charlie Brown Cafe
We sipped on coffee surrounded by Snoopy in the Charlie Brown Cafe.
Tombs of Korean Kings
Had the best weekend on a cycling tour in Gyeongju where we got to learn about lots of Korean history and I even got to ring a giant temple bell.
girl friends
I talked about making friends in Busan.
Korean Roller derby team
I spent a few weekends with the roller derby team, it felt great to be back on skates.
what to do when it rains in Busan
It's rained so much this month. Not anything like it does in England, but a lot compared to last year. Here are some ideas of what to do when it rains in Busan.
War Memorial, Jungang Park
We found out more about my neighbourhood after a visit to the Jungang Memorial Park.
Taejongdae Park
The last park we got to explore this month was the Taejongdae Park, i loved walking through the quiet temple grounds.

Busy, busy. May has already started and there's lots to do this month, including my first Korean wedding tomorrow and a trip to Namhae Island on Buddha's Birthday! Hope you all had a great month!

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