Friday, 10 May 2013


Feel the love Korean Wedding

I'm currently awol from this blog, but hopefully I'll be back in full force next week...

Watching Dexter. And I have to admit that I'm a little bit obsessed. I managed to watch a whole season in little under a week and am well on my way through the second season. I just can't. stop. watching it! I really can't warm to his sister's character, but love Doakes. As always, I'm about a century behind everyone, but does anyone else love this TV show?

Obsessing over work. It's so incredibly busy at the moment. The kids have tests next week which I have had to write, so rather than have time to blog, it's been writing tests. I can't wait until it's over!

Eating chocolate and cake. Only a few weeks until it'll be hot enough to hit the beach, so my backwards logic told me that the best thing to do to eliminate chocolate temptation and look all beyonce-esque in my bikini would be to eat everything I brought from the UK, so then I will have nothing to tempt me. Good idea, right?

Looking forward to a three day weekend next week. Six of us are going to Namhae Island in the South of Korea. Lots of BBQs, beach time and games planned. Also, I can't forget the release of The Great Gatsby next week! I won't be able to see it until the following week because of our trip, but I have been waiting for this for so long! I love Baz Lurhman, I love F.Scott Fitzgerald and I love that Jay Z has done the music. So excited!

Studying Spanish. I had my third class this week with my lovely Argentinian teacher. It's so nice to be the student again, rather than the teacher! It's good to see the language flooding back to me too as I didn't properly study Spanish after I went to University.

Reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I've been reading my way through a few books recently that were on my list, but when I started I wasn't totally enthralled, such as Brave New World and Candide, so it's really nice to read something I can get into again! I've not seen the movie so the plot is a complete surprise to me.

Excited about a mini project that I will be doing with some fellow bloggers who are living in Korea. I'll post more about this next week. I also have Natasha doing a guest blog for me next week for Trash, Treat or Stash!

I borrowed this blog idea from Sometimes Sweet.

Hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

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