Thursday, 11 April 2013

White Day

It's good being a girl in Korea when White Day rolls around. White Day happens on March the 14th, exactly a month after Valentine's day, which is no coincidence. Apparently Valentine's day is solely for women to give the men in their life a gift of chocolate. A month later, the men are expected to return the favor, three fold.

It's also tradition in Korean schools for the students to share presents with their friends. As Elementary school teachers, we were incredibly lucky and got showered by gifts from the children. Mostly they gave lollipops or small bits of chocolate, but other students had prepared goody bags filled with a mixture of things.
White Day Treats
Nick and I went for a skate/run in Busan after school on White day (unfortunately it proved how unfit I am as he was able to run faster than I could skate!). I forewarned him that my students had set a high standard, but I wasn't disappointed. When I went to pick up my stuff I had a nice surprise waiting for me in my locker, accompanied by a somewhat questionable letter.
White Day Letter

So, happy belated White Day to all the girls!

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  1. so both you and your bf are in Korea? *is green with envy* one thing I noticed about Korea is how love is always in the air there, lol. With the many events to celebrate love (or just for them to have fun, really) like white day and pepero day, and every couple is like they're straight out from a TV drama or something, lol... so much PDA but then I didn't mind because I found it really cute, and I've decided that Korea is a great place for couple, hahaha...

    oh, and that letter is totally adorable lollolooloolololol... especially the last part XD

    p.s. I love your nail o.o polka dot!!!

    1. I love when young couples wear the same clothes to show how much they love each other! It's very cute, but it would never happen in England!

      Yes, I met my boyfriend in Korea, very luck!

      P.S Thanks about the nails, they are Daiso nail colours too!!

  2. nice to see a fellow blogger in korea! ISn't korea awesome?? Love the letter from your bf~


    1. Hi Liv!! Looking at your blog I guess you live in Seoul? Living in Korea is awesome, and also very interesting at times!!!

      Yes how romantic, not sure about the troll comment!